The answer to a potential second wave

A significant increase in coronavirus cases could prove lethal to small companies.Manyhave already begun to prepare for what could be the knockout punch to their already struggling business.

Scientists have predicted a second, seasonal wave of Covid-19 since it first hit our shores last winter. A recent surge of Covid-19 cases in European countrieshas led to increased concern.  Another pandemic shockwave is by no means a given, but it is important to be as prepared as possible.

What is at stake

65% of business owners are concerned about having to close again--or stay closed--if a second wave hits.  So how can we help to mitigate this for individual companies, and for the economy in general?

While there is no hard evidence yet that the disease is more transmittable during the fall or winter, there are strong indications that it will be. "In the winter, people tend to stay inside, which could make it easier to transmit the disease," said Sen Pei, an associate research scientist at Columbia University, who has done extensive Covid-19 modeling work. 

Increased complacency is anotherrisk for anuptick in Coronavirus cases.  "I think some people think the worst is over," Dr. Christopher Murray, a professor of Health Metric Sciences at the University of Washington has stated. "That progressive decline in vigilance will fuel part of the fall and winter return."So, as pandemic fatigue sets in, how can we counteract it?  How can we make it safer to stay inside?

The Spirit of American Business

Although Covid-19 is an obstacle unlike any we have faced in over a century, American entrepreneurs are always ready to rise to a challenge.

In the eight or so months since the virus first hit our shores, we have already come a long way. Therapeutics and vaccines are being developed at an incredible pace.  But we do not yet have a perfect cure or prevention. 

In order to reopen, businessesneed something to prevent infection and allay the fears of employees and customers.  Accordingly, chemical disinfection companies have sprouted up, seeking to solve a problem.  And most businesses are spending serious money to clean and disinfect their facilities using these traditional chemical solutions.

Unintended Consequences

Traditional chemical disinfectants were the natural first response.  They were all that people knew. Disinfection, however, used to be a rare procedure, usually in response to some acute accident, leakage, or infestation.  Current academic research shows, however, that overuse of chemical disinfectants is creating a slew ofpotential new health problems.

In the rush to disinfect due to Covid-19, we have been using chemical disinfectants in volumes and with frequency for which they were never intended.  Most were designed to be wiped on non-porous surfaces, but we are now spraying and “fogging” them everywhere, including on porous surfaces such as carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture.  Again, this is not what they were designed for.

As a result, scientists are warning of near- and long-term health consequences.   Neurological, dermatological, respiratory, and reproductive problems are expected due to the hormone-altering properties of heavy exposure to many disinfectants.

The Safer Alternative

Fortunately, a safe and effective alternative already exists.  Ultraviolet (UV) light has been used for disinfection purposes for over a century.UVA and UVB, which kill bacteria but do not deactivate viruses, have been commonly used in water treatment plants, in food preparation areas, and even in household fish tanks.  More powerful UVC, which does deactivate viruses,(including SARS CoV-2,  the novel coronavirus)has been primarily used is special settings such as operating rooms.  But the onset of Covid-19 has called for out-of-the-box thinking, applying UV technology for more general disinfection purposes.

Innovative entrepreneurs have come up with different UV products and services to combat the coronavirus safely.  Provided as a service, UVC can completely disinfect all surfaces and the air within facilities using no toxins or chemicals, spraying no liquids, and leaving no residue or odor.  Trained technicians come to your premises and do the work for you. 

You can also buy fixtures that will safely kill airborne viruses at night or whenever the premises are unoccupied.  Since it is now believed that most cases of Covid-19 are transmitted through the air, this is a great solution between full disinfection services.

If you would like to learn more about healthier and more environmentally friendly UV disinfection, please click here.