We needed to disinfect our office before our people returned, but some of our employees were worried about the health effects of using chemical disinfectants. We read about UV being used in operating rooms, and heard that NYC was using it to disinfect the subways at night. BLUZAP made our decision easy because they provide UV disinfection as a service, and they explained the technology and the process clearly. They made everything painless for us, and their price was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend them.

- Tom Attivissimo, CEO, Greiner Maltz Real Estate

Our historic building, known as The Bohemian National Hall, is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We have over 45,000 square feet of mixed use space, including the Czech Consulate, cultural exhibit space, conference space, offices, a theatre, plus a public restaurant on the ground floor. BLUZAP was able to disinfect the entire facility in one night while the building was empty. We didn’t have to move or cover anything, and when we returned the next day, everything was exactly where we left it. We prefer this service to what we have experienced before. We will use BLUZAP going forward and highly recommend them to others.

- Pavla Niklova, for the Bohemian National Hall