Safety Info

The UV-C light used in the BLUZAP process is a safe, low cost, and highly effective solution for disinfecting facilities. The technology has been around and used in hospitals for decades. It has been proven to kill all microorganisms, including coronaviruses.

More commonly available UV-A and UV-B will kill bacteria, but not viruses. In the current coronavirus crisis, you need to eliminate viruses from your premises. BLUZAP is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to spraying (or fogging) facilities with toxins or other harsh chemicals.

Overexposure to UV-C light can cause a superficial sunburn and can create an uncomfortable dry and sandy feeling in the eyes. While both conditions are gone in a day or two, and neither cause permanent damage, BLUZAP technicians are trained for safety. We only disinfect your premises at night, on weekends, or at other times when your facilities are not occupied.

The BLUZAP process disinfects the entire area treated, including all surfaces and the interior atmosphere—essentially using only light and the ambient air. BLUZAP is complementary to the daily cleaning and disinfecting regimen required for high-touch areas. UV leaves no chemical odor or residue. It gets into hard to swipe or spray areas. And BLUZAP is a “no touch” solution, requiring no moving of machinery, covering of electronic devices, or putting away desktop papers.

If you would like further information on the science and safety behind BLUZAP, please contact us and we will provide you with a more complete explanation, including references to appropriate government, academic, and authoritative industry group sources.