Our Process

The BLUZAP Process

  • First, our team will perform a “walk through” to survey the areas that are to be disinfected, in order to measure and make sure the area is unoccupied. We will not touch or move any furniture or machinery. We ensure that windows and doors are closed, and that the area is ready for disinfection.
  • Based on square footage and “furthest point” from our UV lamps, we determine the number and type of lamps to be used, and calculate necessary active disinfection time. Our team then places the UV fixtures for optimum results.
    • 600W UVC-O fixtures are to be placed in large areas
    • 50W UVC fixtures will be placed in smaller areas such as bathrooms if required.
  • Entrances will be sealed with plastic if necessary, and caution tape and “disinfection in progress” signs are placed at all entry points to the area.
  • All UV fixtures will be turned on simultaneously by our team.
  • After the disinfection is complete, we remotely turn the fixtures off. The post-disinfection ventilation period is generally double the time of active disinfection.
  • During the disinfection/ventilation time the treated area is not accessible.
  • We remove the UV Fixtures and any protection, tape etc. – leaving the facility exactly as we entered it.
  • The facility is provided with a “Disinfected by Bluzap” certificate and a digital website banner to provide your employees and customers with peace of mind that your facilities are using the safest and most effective technology available to keep them healthy.