Professional grade portable UV-C disinfection series designed for ease of use and high effectivity. It emits UV-C light proven to kill microorganisms, including bacteria, protozoans and fungi, also deactivates viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

This UV-C light effectively disinfects the entire area treated, including all surfaces and air, leaving no chemicals or residue, unlike traditional disinfection techniques.

It could be placed or hung in the middle of the treated room or simply wall mounted. Smart solution for all commercial and residential applications, such as schools, offices, gyms, hotels, apartment buildings and more.

The fixture is equipped with a motion sensor that will shut the lamps off when anyone enters the disinfection area while in operation. Also auto shut-off that will shut the lamps off when fixture is tilted more then 45°.

Technical Specifications:

Wattage - 72W/150W/220W

UV-C Light Source -Philips UV-C bulbs

UV-C Frequency- 254nm

Voltage - 110V (standard electrical outlet)

Current - 2A

Construction - Aluminum frame, quartz glass UV bulbs

Control - Remote Control / manual timer buttons

Certification - ETL, FCC

Model # Wattage UVC Frequency Distribution Disinfection Time
BLUZAP-UVC-P-72 72W 254nm 360° 0.13 minutes per sq. ft.
BLUZAP-UVC-P-150 150W 254nm 360° 0.07 minutes per sq. ft.
BLUZAP-UVC-P-220 220W 254nm 360° 0.04 minutes per sq. ft.